lazy writing

My writing process is like the highly caffeinated version of myself–full of great ideas, but possessing the attention span and consistency of a fruit fly. To witness this in action, here are some notebook excerpts from times where a sentence or two of writing was all my brain and body could take.
  • Picture a scaled dragon– or maybe an alligator, or a fish, or whatever scaled, mystically intriguing animal your heart desires. Now picture its scales as having an explosively pastel, translucent, and iridescent quality. Take your image of these scales, and transport them into a round, glossy eye ball, and there you have it– the dome that lies above my head.


  • fuck the fact that   _________

(i didn’t finish my sentence. fill it in with what you need to. some possible options: “burritos are not free”, “guac costs extra money”, “my tortilla holding my burrito together collapsed”, or anything else regarding the food that is a sacred lump of Mexican flavors and deliciousness. )


  • I love how in the song “The Sun” by Portugal. The Man, there’s such an acceptance/celebration (for lack of better words) of the big, humbling nature of the universe and the natural world. Good indie music + vague scientific connotations= mentally happy alex.


  • I’m good at beginnings.

(to prove my point, I decided to just leave it at that)


and finally, with multiple appearances in my notebook…

  • “I cannot focus on physics right now.”

Truer words have never been spoken– or, in this case, written. peace out, homies.


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