i stayed up past my bedtime for this

Last weekend, I went to a showing of two Wes Anderson movies. Because of this, I am .000001 % more cultured, and thus feel obligated to quickly share my opinions on each film.

Disclaimer: Alex Walinskas is probably the least experienced movie-watcher you’ll ever meet. Everything she is about to say is mostly just excited rambling, and should not be treated as intelligent or well-informed thoughts on film. 

MOVIE #1: Fantastic Mr. Fox 

I thought this movie was amazing. What’s the best way for me to emphasize that? Should I refer to it as amazing in all caps? It was AMAZING! What about italics? Such an amazing movie. I’m not gonna lie– a large part of my enjoyment of this film was from a child-like fascination with the stop-motion animation. But on a slightly more intellectual note,  Fantastic Mr. Fox was a wickedly clever film in the way that it developed a children’s plot line in a (classy) adult context.

MOVIE #2: Grand Budapest Hotel

At this point in the evening, it was well past my (embarrassingly early) bedtime, and my sleep-deprived brain admittedly failed to understand a good 20% of this film’s plot. Despite that, I had such a fantastic experience watching Grand Budapest Hotel. There’s something about the seamless flow, vibrant story/characters, and gentle aesthetic of this movie that made watching it feel like someone took the comfort of my usual bubble bath and made it tremendously more exciting.


Thank you, readers, for standing by through my brief excursion into shitty film writing. Until next time — and seriously, good job, Wes Anderson, for killing the film game.



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